This site is basically a repository site for scripts that assist in various system administration tasks, primarily but not exclusively on the Centos/cPanel/WHM webhosting platform.  They’re scripts/tips/ideas we’ve found useful over time, some tested for many months and some relatively new.

Over time, expect to see a slowly growing library of scripts, tips, and discussion about system admin principles.  Most of these scripts have been used on production systems, some for years, and some for months, but either way we encourage you to check the scripts yourselves before using them.

Contributions welcomed – feel free to get in touch if you’re an experienced web hosting sys admin with a useful tip to share!

This site is currently principally operated by Brian Coogan, CEO of White Dog Green Frog and WD3.  In the past, Reed Murphy has contributed and he now has an excellent general tech site at www.reedmurphy.net which we encourage you to visit.  Contributions from others are also sought, if you’ve got some experience in the industry and can write well.  White Dog Green Frog is a hosting and web development company started in 2004 in Melbourne Australia.  Brian has been involved in System Administration for many years, and has taught at tertiary levels, trained system admins professionally and worked in a number of Fortune 100 companies in Australia.

It’s worth saying that at this stage everything here is free, and you are free to take it and use anything as you like.  However, please maintain our authorship notes in the comments.  We’d also appreciate an email comment or a post here saying how many servers you are using it on.  Obviously we are doing this for free and so we appreciate the ongoing encouragement of your acknowledgement, bug fixes and comments.  It’s our hope that you’ll enjoy the tips here!

IMPORTANT – LEGAL DISCLAIMER: this site is aimed at system administrators, if you need support in learning scripting there are many other good sites available via Google. Also please note, very importantly, that we do not support these scripts in any way, and that we do not warrant that they are fit for purpose. Run incorrectly, or even run correctly, they may destroy your system, burn your dinner, or harrass your cat. In line with common good systems practice, you should check the scripts yourself before using them, and if you do not understand them, you should get someone you know to check them. And yes, this is mainly to stop us from being sued, but we do mean every word.

For licensing information, see the Licence page.

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