Disabling invoice creation emails in WHMCS on a per-client basis

by Reed on August 18, 2011

If you’re using WHMCS to manage your cPanel shared servers, this is probably a request that you’ve received a few times. You have clients that are set up to pay invoices automatically from their credit cards, and they’d rather not receive the “Invoice Created” or “Invoice Payment Reminder” emails every month.

Normally WHMCS only allows you to disable these emails globally but, by making use of the EmailPreSend action hook, we can set up a list of clients not to receive these.

To get started just download the following script, change the file extension to .php, edit it to set up the $client_ids and place it in your WHMCS /includes/hooks/ directory

Please note, this script doesn’t disable only the automatically sent invoice notification emails, but also blocks manual sending of these for the selected clients.

Download disable_invoice_notification.php [2714 downloads] txt
  • Jim

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I spent awhile looking for this WHMCS solution, and their help desk sent me instructions which read like a manual from NASA. Thanks for making this file available, you have made my day. It works great! Curious… do you know if there’s a way to define the client set based on a Client Group assignment, rather than having to list each one? If so, one would not have to re-edit the php file each time you get a new recurring billing client.
    cheers, and thanks again… so rare to find exactly what you need these days, and free!

    • I’m sure there is a way to do that, or any one of a number of other similar methods, but unfortunately we haven’t written the code for it! If you do it, let us know and we’ll include the code.

      Thanks for the thanks – a lot of people use stuff from here and it’s nice to hear back from one! 🙂

  • Thank you so much, brilliant work I have learnt so much, thanks and please keep up the great work.

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